Who We Are

silambattam chennai

John Milton is a leading Silmbam artist in Tamilnadu.He is also considered as the guru of upcoming artist. His works capture intense art .He is also challenging in his field and has made distinctive approach to his works.He is a person to look upto in the future in the list of greatest martial artists of all time. '

Our Events


    We have the best team of thappattam players in Tamilnadu. Thapattam is one of the oldest folk dance forms of Tamilnadu and is part of birth,temple festival, celebrations, marriage, death etc.


    In Keshav-Veena's marriage ceremony our nadaswaram and chenda melam team gained the attention of major crowd and kept the eyes of virewers catched for hours


    Oyilattam is a folk dance predominantly in the madurai region. It is a traditional dance where a few men would perform rhythmic steps to the music. We also provide oyilatam artist in Tamilnadu.


Karakattam is an old folk dance of tamilnadu . the performers keep a pot on their head and dance to entertain the audience. We provide karakattam artist across tamilnadu.

Ancient heritage martial art defining the culture of Tamil